REAR – reality of arbitrariness

intermedia installation

PINA Koper: Marko Vivoda, Karlo Hmeljak, Luka Frelih

The intermedia installation REAR – reality of arbitrariness will, in its editing, congruently cover three different media (language, image, sound), when each of them will be split into basic construction elements which at their second level create a multitude where these begin to acquire some meaningful expression to show the construction of reality itself as well as its transmission through whichever medium into a space of perception, as arbitrary. It’s very simple: to point to a unwholness of such construction with a very simple art intervention means to open up possibilities for new/different constructions of reality, while concurrently pointing to the fact that a work of art is always labour of an artist, a man-made creation that through media (e.g. image, language, sound) creates/changes/destroys meanings.

Both levels of each of the three media shall be simultaneously present in the space which will outline the sensorial space of the viewer’s experience. The viewer will, in like manner (as the fourth medium) play its role at two levels of existence: in the real human body (in a classic way as a receptor) and in his/her virtual double, who will, in this manner enter the space of the concurrently operational the afore mentioned language, image and sound.

In this way he/she – with their virtual image – immersed into the space where both of the levels of each of the elements (imagerial, linguistic and sonic ) will fuse – will be manipulated, when the viewer will, at certain points, with his/her movement, i.e. changing of their position impact the experience in the virtual space of perception. To the extent in which the viewer’s virtual double will explore the merged perceptual space, to such extent each singular element of the constructed virtual reality on the screen of the virtual space will be able to come closer or become more or less clear/blurred. In this way, with his/her presence the viewer will, as without the viewer – the fourth medium – there would be no subject to trigger the other media, prove  that the subject itself is the one that creates objectivity, reality; that we, ourselves, create meanings, either visually or linguistically. We create them by our mere presence, by entering a world that will never ever allow us to know if it exists outside us.