KALLIPLOKAMOS: Erini Kokkinidou (GR), Boukis Vassilis (GR), Kokkinidis Charalampos (GR)


Kalliplokamos is an ancient Greek compound word and means “he who has beautiful curly hair”. Kalliplokamos is an interactive sculpture made of steel, wire, clear PVC tubing and fluid circulation machinery. The piece is comprised of two main constructions: an anthropomorphic sculpture comprised of one kilometre of PVC tubing, weaved throughout the body in a network of inner body geometries, inspired by the vast and complex systems of the human organism: circulatory, nervous, endocrine system. With the circulation of glowing fluids within them, the body acting as a canvas, aiming to interpret the routes of chemical hormonal infusions generated as emotions that are experienced. The second part is a mechanism that holds the UV sensitive fluids and circulates them through the body with water pumps and air compressors. The fluid motion expands from the body to the surrounding architecture. The environment fills with the industrial sounds needed for Kalliplokamos functions. The installation space becomes an esoteric environment in which the spectators are called to participate, to manifest the idea of total transparency. Kalliplokamos is a sculptural personality, loud and fragile. He stands as a human among others in the installation space. He is open inside out, yet encourages physical contact.