SIMULATOR MiG21: Aereform (SI)


The flight simulator employing a VR headset essentially differs from all other simulators as it effectively enables the pilot – candidate a shift of view over the entire visual field. The VR headset adjusts the focal point according to the position of the user’s head – therefore the image – adjusts along with it. When the pilot turns his/her head to the left, the image inside the VR headset will follow. This quality primarily eliminates the trouble with the field of view and makes it practically unlimited. It is equally important that this simulator is extraordinary immersive – meaning that the flying session experience is very convincing, hence powerful. Such a lesson is an experience, connecting and combining a visual virtual world (pilot’s eyes) and a tactile physical world (touch, controls operation and the sitting posture in the simulator). This uncommon combination and alternation/mixing of artificial and natural channels is extremely psychomotorically credible for the body and the mind as during the session it deceitfully and convincingly takes the user into a different space and time. Our regular observation was that the user, after taking the VR headset off upon the completion of a flying session, needs some seconds to adapt to the everyday reality – an observation not found with other flight simulators – testifying of the differentness and advancement of our product.

Beside its immersiveness the usage of the VR headset enables the simulator’s operator – a flight instructor – to monitor the performance, the controls operation and especially the allocation of the candidate’s attention, improving the methodics of instructing and making it easier. The last vital advantage of this simulator is that it can be used in basic aircraft piloting instructing/training, which the majority of existing simulators do not allow.