MODUX 3.5: BridA (SI)


The project decomposes the process of creation of a fine arts artwork by layering various information. With cybernetic analyses, movement patterns and mathematic algorithms such as Brownian motion, the project opens to us a field of perception, otherwise hidden from the observer. On a moving, translucent monitor, there appear trails of movements of living beings; from blood cells, microorganisms to humans. By mechanic moving and the translucency of the analogue and digital layers, the device in an automatized way constructs new dynamic compositions. The moving becomes the core of the visual art performance; the project leads the observer into a living process, and in favour of a deliberate avoidance of a final depiction that everyone longs for, when standing in front of an artwork. The project employs a multi-layered composing of movement patterns wherefrom it generates unrepeatable audio-visual compositions. The audience is included into the process, as the project also reacts to the presence of the people in the room. The device functions like a kind of a perpetuum mobile; giving us the feeling of endless possibilities for compositions, while on the fine arts surface an artwork is being created endlessly.

The Modux 3.4 project is a development phase of a wider research platform, reaching into the field of science and art, where aided by new technologies, we decompose and compose anew the process of creation of a fine arts artwork.