SEEING THE UNSEEN, ROSCOFF PROJECT: Miha Godec (SI) – School of Arts of University of Nova Gorica (UNG AU)


“It’s surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on Earth.” Sir David Attenborough

Roscoff project; seeing the unseen, is a bio-art installation which uses simple tools, cheap laser or light lens and a smartphone camera, to get a better view, understanding and awareness of an unknown but a very special delicate sea worm, who is coexisting with an algae. The project encourages us to view from a new or different perspective in order to broaden our horizons.
Miha Godec about the project

The lecture was an introduction of the connection and the contexts of art – science – technology interaction and collaboration with an emphasis on such activities in the 20th and 21st century.
DIY Microscope was a hands-on workshop on seeing the unseen through the example of ecology of marine life and its habitat, to put into the spotlight the rapid change of our environment by climate change with BIOBOX / Roscoff worm educational kit – initiation into marine biology – an educational kit designed by the Roscoff Biological Station, France.
Robertina Šebjanič about the workshop Future Vision of Anthropocene / art & ecology (UNG AU in cooperation with Pixxelpoint 2016 festival, edition We, curator Rene Rusjan)

This year is the Arts Academy of the University of Nova Gorica presenting a tandem of a student and a guest artist-mentor; Miha Godec and Robertina Šebjanič. We have chosen the work entitled Seeing the Unseen, Roscoff project, stemming directly from the students’ workshops led by Robertina Šebjanič within the context of the accompanying events of the Pixxelpoint 2016 festival, with the theme We, in the art – science chapter. Subsequent projects are still in the process of creating, nevertheless, they indicate a determined interest of the master’s degree student Miha Godec in the issues encompassed by the this year’s festival topic; Art and Science to Empower.
Rene Rusjan about the selection and collaboration