“LaserBugs” is an audiovisual installation inspired by swarm intelligence. The algorithm refers to the synchronisation algorithm of fireflies. The installation consists of a bunch of small robots which comprise a self-organised system, which is a characteristic feature of swarm intelligence. Each robot communicates by an input/output system such as a laser-beam and light detector with an algorithm inspired by the synchronized blinking of a firefly. Robots generates rhythm and make sound by solenoids and emit laser-beams. Synchronisation emerges not by conductor but by communicating with each other. Conditions such as the size of place or density of robots and small change of parameters make dynamic effects to the composition. LaserBugs attempts to create an artificial nature phenomenon as new way of audiovisual experience.

Synchronisation phenomenon is known not only for firefly. For example an experiment with a lot of metronomes’ synchronisation on movable pedestal is famous one.