Fragile makes audible the otherwise unseen and unheard frailty of a world filled with other people’s plans, expectations and dreams; and the consequences that our simplest actions can unknowingly have.

Participants are invited to step through a seemingly empty space, at the end of which is a frame, containing an excerpt of a poem by William Butler Yeats. As participants tread through the empty space, sounds of breaking/cracking glass, ice and bone can be heard.

As individuals living together in communities our intentions, actions and expectations often intersect and affect each other. We may have the intention to impact the world in a positive way – or merely be passing through – but we can hardly account for all the ramifications of our actions. Circumstances can be infinitely delicate and the result of our most innocent gestures unfathomably catastrophic. Even when surrounded by seeming emptiness, we may become the proverbial bull in a china shop and unknowingly tread on each other’s fragile dreams.