Participants are invited to build a structure using a toy construction set.

This work is presented as a simplistic (even naive) toy or game, to engage visitors in playing out aspects of the experience of growing up. A hanging image suggests an idealized goal for the activity, which participants may feel encouraged to set as their own. Achieving this goal may prove harder than expected, as the basis upon which the structure is built will shift impetuously, undoing the participant’s work and prompting a change in strategy. This simple dynamic can easily turn into a game.

If the structure becomes stable and immutable the “game” is over. The stable structure can be framed as much a monument crowning the achievement as a tombstone for the joy of play. The act having been consummated, there would be nothing more to take part in, nothing to excite and surprise. As such, the impetuous shifting base can also be seen as a necessary force of growth, continuity and change.