Polylogue 2 is an installation that serves as a communication system between visitors of the exhibition and a previously selected group of others , serving as a wormhole 1 connecting a physical place to a social space:

Upon visiting the exhibition space, people encounter three wall-mounted boxes and a keyboard terminal, with which they can post questions that appear on the screen of one of the boxes. Once the question is typed, it is sent to a custom-designed application installed on the mobile devices in the possession of the outside group that is to be connected through the installation, offering them the opportunity to reply for a time frame of 10 minutes. Their responses are printed immediately on a thermal printing paper roll dispensed by the box itself while displaying the question that is answered. After the time is up, the question also printed above the answers, providing an archive of the conversation – and an empty box for new ones. Later visitors can scan through the archive of informations on the paper rolls, following up on previous conversations and formulating new topics.