Linear perspective detector

The flood of digital screens that people use to read text, watch video content, play video games etc. causes an ever weaker perception of our physical environment as a three dimensional space. The invention of perspective projection in the renaissance era is key to our understanding and depiction of three dimensional space.

Perspective lines, which intersect in either one or two focal points are typical for perspective projection. These lines are especially emphasized in architectural; built space, where there is a multitude of planes  which intersect at right angles. In such environment perspective lines usually coincide with physical edges; consequently, on drawings and pictures they coincide with straight lines or line segments, which we can locate with methods of computer sight.

One of the most effective methods of seeking straight lines in pictures is the Hough transform. Lines, identified with Hough transform can be painted in pictures, thus emphasizing the three dimensional nature of depicted scene even more.

We have developed a smartphone app, which seeks perspective lines in real time in captured images and thus sensitizes the user to perceive three dimensional space and the role of perspective lines in their depiction even more.

Prof. dr. Franc Solina, viš. pred. dr. Borut Batagelj, Katarina Bebar, Juš Debelak