Laura Cassol Sôro

Vanishing Point, A Dissipative Map

Vanishing Point, a Dissipative Map is a work about space-time, and what presence and telepresence means after the emergence of information and communication technologies. This reflection is articulated through an installation and a performance, raised as a meeting point between materiality and virtuality.
The piece results from the communication between two spaces: the exhibition and the performance. From the open space (space of action), geolocated images of the sky are captured with the use of a wearable camera and a bicycle, then sent periodically to a server. The exhibition space presents these images and geolocation data in the form of a numerical documentation of this random journey. Both images and geolocation data are captured with a camera in a bottom-up point of view, to generate a loop against the top-down view of the data collected by the satellites.