Enter Mixed Reality with Microsoft HoloLens Glasses

Stroka Business Group sees great potential of the Microsoft HoloLens and mixed reality in educational scenarios. With these special glasses organization get an effective method of learning, a better knowledge transfer, and the repeatability of training demonstrations, ensuring an even better employee qualification for job tasks.

Stroka Business Group invites you to test the Microsoft HoloLens mixed reality glasses. Company representatives will demonstrate several scenarios of using the device: you will be able to step into a manufacturing hall to learn how to work at the conveyor belt, learn martial arts or pottery, discover human anatomy, step in an architect’s shoes, or even hunt dinosaurs.

Using the Microsoft HoloLens Device for Training in Manufacturing
>When bringing on new employees or launching new products, organizations need to ensure an effective knowledge transfer between employees. Most often this is a physical task that requires a significant investment of time, and results in regular work tasks being put aside. Often an employee departs their job, making the transfer of knowledge difficult or even nonexistent. Some organizations have internal training courses based on written instructions, electronic or video courses. All these types have proven themselves effective up to a point.
The HoloLens glasses shows the work of an employee in manufacturing. The correct movements and the proper method of work behind a conveyor belt are depicted in a real environment. The device informs the employee of the dangers and pitfalls of a position, depicts the correct actions, provides instructions and records the execution of the training.
Learning about the Human Body in a Secure, Real Environment

The glasses make it possible to see a hologram of a human body. It is possible to see the full male and/or female body. You get to choose whether you want to see everything, or just focus on the cardiovascular system, the muscles, organs or bones. You can able to inspect individual body parts and organs from afar, close up and even enter the hologram of the human body.

However, knowledge transfer can be more effective, more visually attractive, more tangible and secure. Using mixed reality combines real and virtual worlds and creates new environments and visualizations, where physical and digital objects co-exist and provide real-time interaction.