The work too many dinner parties consist of a series of interventions, where positions (spatial, emotional, political, social) are marked with concrete cubes with a size of 12x12x12cm. These interventions are questioning current or dominant narratives. The cubes can be placed as a provocation, as a pixelation of urban space or as a creation of common ground. The pictures show 17 interventions that have been made in December and January 2018. The cities were visited various times in this preparative time period in order to find the right locations for the interventions. Some places are monuments, some are crowded and filled with movement, some are central, and some are not. The places were chosen in order to react to political, social or environmental debates or conflict that take part in each city. The stones were set on significant locations and left behind on the place to be re-adjusted by citizens or passers-by.

The places that were chosen for the interventions are connected to current or historical topics of the cites and are displaying certain struggles. All places are strongly connected with the collective narrative and the identification of the citizens towards their city.