UNICEF has been saving lives of children worldwide for more than 70 years. In more than 190 countries we provide the children with food, water, health care, education and protection of children’s rights. Have you ever imagined how children in economically less developed countries experience the world around them?

Everyone can`t be taken to the field. But we can bring the fieldwork to every person – through virtual reality (VR). This technology enables us to enter the lives of children and witness the aid programmes. Virtual reality is a unique, emotional and memorable experience for all generations that is brought to you by UNICEF’s HELPSTERS:

VR video „Clouds Over Sidra“: A 12-year-old Sidra left Syria because of war. She lives in one of the world’s largest refugee camps, in Zaatari, Jordan. With the use of the VR headset we visit Sidra`s home, listen to a lesson in school and play football with children.

VR video „On the Road to Making Polio History“: 9-year-old Job from Kenya has polio which hinders him from moving and playing with his friends. With the use of VR headset, we visit Job’s home, the village market and UNICEF’s vaccinators, which are trying to eradicate this dangerous viral infection.