David’s Gaze

Michelangelo’s statue of David symbolizes a powerful turning point in the art world, the Renaissance that has transformed the evolution of art, as it is the era from which numerous artists have drawn the inspiration and courage to start thinking differently. The gaze of the statue of David focuses on a much stronger opponent, whom everyone thought would win and defeat David easily, but the young man won the battle with a trick, and at the same time brought hope for a brighter future; proving that the mind can win over the power of muscles. In the project, the story of David plays an important symbolic role, posing the question where David would direct his gaze in the 21st century, and who would symbolize the opponent now.

The main part of the project is a spatial installation, consisting of a pedestal on which the visitor steps and places their head in the 3D printed David’s head in which he sees her/his view – a spatial scene that relates to the future and the impact of modern technologies on life. The visitor on the pedestal symbolically becomes David. The public becomes part of the installation. There are different techniques included in the production of the installation: 3D scanning and design, 3D printing, programming, AI, VR, EEG, neural networks, and other technological approaches, while at the same time the project is about working with materials as well as the very process of cooperation between human and technology.

Inside the head there are a specially designed EEG machine and other sensors that measure the user’s subconscious impulses which influence the content of the video inside VR goggles, so everyone gets a unique experience. In the installation David’s head therefore becomes a medium between reality and virtuality, and the most important thing is that the installation reads the user’s impulses which interactively influence the course of the narrative happening inside the virtual reality space. It creates a symbiosis of human and artificial intelligence, trying to steal the dreams and from them harvest their sense of creativity; the element that is crucial to the occurrence of technological singularity or, the moment when technology is capable of the same intellect and creative thought as humans.