Apocalypse Altar

Apocalypse Altar is an interactive video installation inviting the visitor to approach and peek into its secret. The altar is of a minimalist form, set onto a metal plate and isolated in white space. On top of the upper plate of the altar there is a circular opening with a lens, from which sounds and images emerge. Every visitor that steps onto the metal plate in front of the altar, through their vibration, influences the visual image hidden in the hollow of the altar. Through the circular opening the visitor watches a video, but in between the video and the viewer there are certain layers; a lens and a water pool, both influencing the viewed image. Through special layers of the lenses the projected images resemble an optical illusion; they are lively and juicy. The sense of depth changes when looking through layers; it gets distorted, making the distance and depth become somewhat irrelevant or different for every individual and their current perception. The water pool is an interactive part of the installation, functioning as a visual carrier of the personal vibration, reflecting through layers, on the final image. Sometimes it reflects as a certain spatial doubling, and other times as a merger. The spatial distance between layers significant, somehow acting like the negative space of the universe; which, as we know, is not empty, but densely packed in the vibration-energy sense. The optical illusion of the video projection within the relatively small altar works as a simulacrum of the cosmos, or as a well, in which images of parallel worlds are unfolding.

From the hollow of the altar comes a cosmic melody; specifically the very first melody known to us, ”Hurrian Hymn no. 6 – c. 1400 B.C.” played backwards; like travelling backwards in time. As the altar itself functions as an object of revelation, the author wishes to refer to the words of Danilo Kiš: “Everything happens all the time and never, everything repeats infinitely and unrepeatably”. The images and sound are kind of reflection of the human origin, the beginning, the path, the end and the rebirth; hence of the time-space infinity. The author perceives the word “apocalypse” similarly to the old Greek, when it meant “revelation” or literally “the revelation of knowledge”, as culmination and subsequent illumination.

Apocalypse Altar is, in its core, a sacred, cosmic space; where the visitors can focus on the mantra of the ancient sound, the optical illusion of images in front of them, as well as their own emptiness, their own universe.