Sometimes I Forget, My Phone Gets Lonely

Sometimes I forget, my phone gets lonely is an interactive art piece in which the author’s phone travels along Route 50, in Nevada, also nicknamed “The Loneliest Road in America.” In the 1800s, parts of this route were used in the Gold Rush. Today it consists mostly of large desolate areas with few or no signs of civilization. The American Automobile Association says, “We warn all motorists not to drive there unless they’re confident of their survival skills.”
Using the technique of GPS spoofing (faking), the author’s phone travels back and forth between the towns of Ely and Austin, roughly 150 miles apart. Even though the phone is physically located in the gallery space, through Google Maps it appears as though the author were driving alone on this deserted highway. Visitors can send text messages to the author’s phone number to interact and ask him where he is. His phone responds by taking a picture of its current location, by scanning the desert landscape sourced from Google Street View. Even though this is the Loneliest Road, Google has, nonetheless, imaged and captured its barren terrain for us to view it online.