Drone Selfies and Drone+

Drone Selfies consists of a photographic series of drones taking selfies of themselves. With Drone Selfies, IOCOSE imagines an alternative present where war is over, and drones – once surveillance devices par excellence – are deprived of their main reason to be, and point their built-in cameras to mirrors in an act of vanity.

Drone+ is video documentation of a drone attempting to run a 100-metre race and recording its own activity through the mobile app Nike+. The drone has been running the same race for one month, producing data regarding its own speed, time and covered the distance. However, while it successfully crossed the finishing line most of the time, it sometimes also failed. The reasons for its failure were mostly technical, or related to the weather conditions. Successful races occurred occasionally, but never showing signs of improvement.

Drone+ documents the presence of signs of life: unpredictable and imperfect results that are subject to the contingent and particular events, emerging from being in contact with the environment and being composed of unstable (and cheap) materials. Bringing these activities to the fore, in a sense, a different, if not opposed narrative to the instrumental and deterministic perspective replicated in contexts such as Wired magazine, and many others, is created. While those narratives tend to consider the general and abstract use of drones, IOCOSE looks at specific events in a drone’s life, happening day by day.