A Picture Of A Picture – My Brain Code 1.0

How does the invisible “body talk” get visible in the digital world?

The experiment starts inside your body – in your head! Are you always aware of what you are thinking? Do you choose what is going on in your mind, or is the mind directed, influenced or even controlled by the outer surrounding, the world you live in?

Every day, our brain processes millions of images. In doing so, the brain’s nerve cells emit a wide array of signals. A single thought triggers veritable fireworks of electrical signals in the brain. This is how nerve cells (neurons) communicate with each other. There are an especially large number of neurons in the cerebral cortex, the brain’s outermost layer featuring numerous grooves and folds. The EEG (Electroencephalography) “eavesdrops on” the neurons’ conversations.  A high-performance computer is able to recognize patterns in the signals and to classify them as related to particular brain functions. To perform an EEG, small metal plates (electrodes) are applied to the scalp. They measure electrical activity in nerve cells. These data are the basis for an electroencephalogram, consisting of both, fast and slow brain waves. The so-called brain-computer interface conveys information directly from the brain to the computer.

From the outside, our imagination –  our “mental strength” – is not identifiable. This is our individual private space. How similar are we to our fellow human beings, and what can already be measured? How easy is it to manipulate or minds? When one hears the word “Vienna”, probably an image instantly appears inside one’s head. Where in the brain, and what is going on in there? Have you ever asked yourself if you could stop thinking about the picture of Vienna if you wanted to? Invisible processes are going on in the brain at this very moment.

These processes in the brain can be made visible using biometric measurement technology in conjunction with computer technologies and other machines. The installation my brain code 1.0 deals with exactly this visualization and measurement of individual brain oscillations. Does the installation also recognize the city you are thinking of?

This is a journey from analog to digital to analog to digital.

Within these three interactive installations you are invited to experience biometric measurements on your own body.  The experiment starts from the analog (body – the brain). It begins with the human body transforming inner processes into digital signals (computer data). A machine will convert the digital data into an analog-written, drafted brain code. This piece of paper will then, via scanning,  be transformed into digital data again. You may hold your own brain code in your hands, take it with you, or put it in the “data collector” (brain decoder) and see what image appears on the screen.

Will, one day, the future “AI brain decoder” open the door to our mysterious mental worlds? The artistic interactive installation of  my-brain code 1.0 questions on the one hand, digitization in the epoch of AI technology, and shows, on the other hand, the possibilities of how new technology is able to show real time brain wave data in high accuracy.