Maša Jazbec – Mikkel

Guest curators selection: Robertina Šebjanič and Alenka Trebušak

Despite science fiction warnings of malicious humanoids, artificial intelligence became a part of our lives, although mostly in incorporeal form. Mikkel on the contrary combines symbolic and physical body within itself; as it is manifested in corporeal form in exhibition setting. Every time sublimation represents the hybrid shifting from fiction into the real world. Project emerges out of the artist’s consideration of the influence of technology on the individual and society; and the question of how technology changes us – through enabling us multitudes of identities on various social networks. People use their bodies to show immediate and uninterrupted information of their presence, activities, attention, mood, condition, location, identity, abilities,… Despite being considered some of the most successful “mechanisms” on Earth, we wish to exceed their capabilities, by employing new technologies and going beyond our own natural limitations.  That is exactly what Mikkel embodies; the result of the artists exploration of android science and its connectivity with the virtual world – not only considering it as a representative medium of the mind, or an extension of the physical body, but rather the hybrid as a completely new entity.