Guest curators selection: Robertina Šebjanič and Alenka Trebušak

video, 20′ 54”

Project focuses on the almost forgotten Pioneer track, a four kilometer long narrow-gauge railroad track, connecting two municipalities of Vič and Podutik in Ljubljana between 1948 – 1954. It was built by pioneers and youth work brigades in just a few months. Its planning and technical execution was lacking, attested by the derailments of train carts due to the lack of fortification of the terrain. Neither did it have any connection with existing infrastructure – starting a half an hours walk away from the nearest tram station and ending in the middle of the field. Nevertheless it was very popular and the voyage itself represented a unique experience. It was abandoned in 1954,as the revitalisation of the surrounding area was cancelled. It got changed into a bike track during the 60’s and in 2013 it had 5 memorial plaques set along the track, per initiative of the former builders.
In the video essay, which intertwines the archive documentation from the periods of construction and operation of the track, with videos of performative sound walks in locations of the former tracks – taken at night on 25th may 2019, the Nonument group presents a consideration of a possible future through the interlinking of different temporalities.

Production: MoTA – museum of transitory art