Guest curators selection: Robertina Šebjanič and Alenka Trebušak

Skener is a kinetic mechanical object that creates a dematerialized image and a screeching sound. It works on the basis of LED diodes on a control panel; they are programmed to blink according to cyclical spin logic. Pressing the trigger causes a slide of the horizontal diode line on a vertical axis, which leaves light traces during fast movement. When it stops, the image disappears and fades out as a fatamorgana or an illusion. This effect is made possible by programming the diodes according to the POV (Persistence of Vision) principle, with which the artist, as the term implies, is questioning the established way of visual perception. Skener contains four images – representing a cave with roots; each with a slightly different perspective in order to offer the viewer an effect of rotation and the possibility of absorption. 

The starting point for the artists’ thoughts on the role of image and their relations to technology were two questions: What happens to the image if movement is introduced; and what happens if the content is revealed partially and gradually . The artist tackled Skener according to an analytical humanist perspective, which reveals itself in the work as a reminder of the fact that a person is becoming a decentralized subject in a technology filled world; filling their traumatic voids with fantasms. 

Project was created in cooperation with Andrej Primožič and Janez Zupan.