Made in Trbovlje

Controlling devices via thought is no longer science fiction, but a part of reality as this field is developed via devices based on BCI (Brain Computer Interface) technologies. The field of BCI is intended for analysis of the function of the human brain, as well as the use of such technologies to empower those with speech and movement impediments. Current BCI solutions are time consuming, as the individual has to confirm and precisely define every move. The BCI painter installation is based on a virtual keyboard, with the help of which the user can choose options with the help of a BCI interface; the options being different brush movements of the academic painter Janez Knez from Zasavje. Up until now more than 400 individuals (primary and secondary schoolers, students, researchers, businessmen, artists and the elderly) saw/tested the BCI installation. Our interest group are also individuals with movement impediments and individuals with shortcomings in the field of speech/communication. The purpose of the innovation is not only to overcome the problems of those with speech and movement impediments, but to present and convey modern technology to greater masses, who have not yet had a chance to meet or test such technology. In the future the installation will be repurposed in other ways, as our solution is not limited to only painting with thoughts, but is capable of applying the “combination choices” in other fields. 

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YbnT-8l_Xk