DDTLab / RUK, Yaskawa, Primož Ocepek, dr. Uroš Ocepek, Žan Rajšek – NeuroYaski

Made in Trbovlje

in cooperation with the company Yaskawa, within the frame of the Network of Research Art and Culture Centers – MCRUK project, the DDT-RUK research laboratory presents project NeuroYaski. This project is about the unique transfer of industrial field technology into the field of social, which inputs the virtue of humanity into repetitive robot hands. The user steers the Yaskawa robot hand MotoMIni via brain computer interface – BCI.The brain computer interface is a highly capable computer system, which enables direct communication between the brains and the device that we wish to steer and control with our brains. In the case of NeuroYaski it’s the option of steering the robot hand produced by Yaskawa. 

Yaskawa is a multinational Japanese company working in the fields of robotics, drive technology, system engineering and industrial automatisation. Their robots are also used to paint, weld and palletise. Production of their own robot hands is already taking  place at their seat in Kočevje.