Poland’s first institution working at the intersection of contemporary art, media and communication, located in Wrocław, south-western Poland.

WRO Art Center’s original exhibition, educational, research and publication programs are based on experimental arts and organization practices.

Culminating in Polish and international projects, they showcase the creative potential of new technologies and explore the innovative relationships of image, sound and perception in the context of contemporary art and cultural reflection.

Presented programs reach out to a broad public interested in new languages of art. The WRO Art Center, largely financed from the public resources and EU funds, is an independent institution and a public benefit organization.   


With its 30th anniversary edition, the WRO Biennale has explored the development of communication tools, offering a critical scrutiny of processes unfolding in culture, communication, and society and examining the HUMAN ASPECT in a post-technological perspective. 

Over one hundred artworks by international artists presented during WRO 2019 from May to December and put on display at various venues scattered across Wrocław, have been addressing the complex concern expressed in the HUMAN ASPECT theme of the 18th WRO Biennale, bringing to the foreground human presence and activity in the post-truth and crises-ridden world, a factor which tends to be relegated outside the global awareness as too transparent for us to consciously notice. 

From among video works, installations, media objects, and performances presented during last year’s dozens of programs, shows and exhibitions, Piotr Krajewski, Artistic Director of the WRO Biennale, has selected twenty pieces that uniquely capture and explore our contemporary realities, which defy any previously practiced interpretive approaches. A few of them are the part of WRO on Tour at Speculum Artium 2020 New Media Culture Festival.