DDTLab, Dunking Devils, HSE, Branko Repovž, Arctur – Vertigo Bird 2020

Made in Trbovlje

360° Video: Vertigo Bird 2020

See the world from the top of the highest chimney in Europe and what it takes to get there.

At 360 metres the chimney of Trbovlje’s disused power plant is the highest chimney in Europe. As Trbovlje seeks to transcend it’s past and grow into the future the monumental chimney is a stepping stone. We climb to the highest point of the past to look towards the future. Fear. Excitement. Anticipation. Will we step off and embrace the future that is Made in Trbovlje?

In terms of content, the project is inspired by the dance project of the same name by dancer and choreographer Iztok Kovač, in a beautiful film of the same name Vertigo Bird.  For the project Vertigo Bird 2020, we were looking for a team to work with and the Dunking Devils were really the only ones crazy enough.