Časovni tunel 2 featured image

Time Tunnel 2

Srečo Dragan, Kristjan Kostanjšek, Borut Batagelj, Narvika Bovcon

The project continues the research of Časovni tunel 1, or Time Tunnel 1 by Sreč Dragan, in which the visitor moved through the virtual space of the universe. In Time Tunnel 2, the visitor moves through a nano tube in augmented reality with the help of HoloLens glasses. The virtual model of the nanotube is built on the basis of measurements obtained at the Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana. Between balls that represent atoms, the visitor walks through longitudinal real space. When he decides to leave the nanotube, he chooses one of the atoms and writes his EMŠO on it. In this way, visitors leave their mark on a nano-structure and its spatial dimension. In the second module of the project, the visitor colors in the symmetrical division of the image surface with the help of a brain interface. The project offers entry into two levels of reality that are only accessible through technological devices.

Co-production RUK/DDT

Logotipi projekta RUK

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