Embroidered data

Ioan Cernei

Embroidered data is a web application using web technologies which generates personalised eastern European embroidery patterns for any user. It investigates topics of identity and migration and is meant to reflect new identifiers for the European citizen. While the project has been mainly developed between 2015 and 2017 I find that it currently applies to the European context again as due to the current Russian aggression in Ukraine we are seeing a new influx of refugees. The application is taking into account country of origin, country of residence (in terms of population homogeneity, GDP, spoken languages and minorities), educational level, field of work, age and relationship status. It takes these pieces of information and generates a hand stitch embroidery pattern. The work is the result of a year long research into the traditional embroidery pattern encountered all through-out the geopolitically defined area of Eastern Europe and has been created through the analysis and synthesis of patterns ranging from Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Ukraine to Estonia and Latvia.

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