Pečeno pohištvo

Baked Furniture

Nuša Jelenec and Nina Mršnik

The project Pečeno pohištvo, or Baked Furniture, is a design response to the growing problem of waste plastic. With their own plastic melting device, the authors produce recycled plastic sheets of various thicknesses and in a multitude of patterns, which serve as the basis for the production of products.At the Speculum Artium festival, they present the process that leads from raw material waste to the final product by the use of photographs, with physical examples of waste, like ground waste plastic, followed by examples of various plates and finished products. The layout is interactive; visitors can touch all the samples and use the presented products.The project shows post-industrial production and transfers the waste plastic processing process from remote and invisible production halls to a smaller, do-it-yourself scale and in so doing attempts to bring it closer to the general public.

RUK/PiNA pilot project

Logotipi projekta RUK

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