Prikazna: Saša Nemec - Po svetlečih poteh premoga

The Flickering Paths of Coal

Saša Nemec

Black gold, which has brought so much to the Zasava Valley, is shown in the work as the driving force of life and art. The dim light of the ziherca, thir iconic lantern, which accompanied the miners on their daily hard work, illuminates the glistening coal and shows us the paths of their difficult past, the changing present and the bright future.

Through a digital video installation, Ziherca takes us on a walk through the cultural heritage of Zasavje, the life in Zasavje and its art, and shows us the paths and stories that characterized this place. The flickering light thus reflects off the surface of the coal, no longer dusty, but glittering – set like gems, and illuminates its historical significance for the area.

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