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The great black Laibach cube “made in Trbovlje” can also be the Laibach “black stone” of wisdom. The stumbling block – the meteorite, composed of a multitude of fragments, where the lost souls of Laibach followers, who polished the stone-cube smooth, are trapped. Kvadrofenija (Quadrophenia) is a dissociative collective identity disorder, which reflects four sides; the four different characteristics of Laibach – each representing the personality of one group member. Simultaneously the name can be associated with the term quadraphonic sound, which is one of the basic physical illusions of this cube in which a mass of speakers creates a sound and releases it on four sides. 

The Laibach thought and intelligence code is based on a collective mind known as Kolektiv (the Collective) which rests or rather “floats “on quadrupole principle as is dictated within the laibachian universum by the Imanentni Konsistentni Duh (Immanent consistent spirit). Every Laibach sub-object is connected to the Collective with a subtle neuralgic network, which ensures constant control and guidance for every member. The mental energy of collective conscience can help the weakened sub-object heal or regenerate the damaged parts of the body and technology. The collective conscience enables them not only the ability to “share the same thoughts”, but also to quickly adapt to new tactics. The sub-objects in the collective never really speak, but rather carry and distribute only the collective voice and thought. 

Everything that pertains to Laibach also pertains to the Laibach cube, which is its symbolic and metaphoric tangibility. The common abilities of the cube include fast drives of prime-words and trans-sounds, self-regeneration and several redundancy systems, adaptability in responsiveness and different energy fields of attractor and light beams. The cube is also distinguished by its size and perfect aesthetic form. The Cube rests and meditates in its natural state, but creates and releases sound when it comes into interactive contact with the outside world in a mix of random procedures and responses to the visitors/users/intruders. The sum of thermal energy of the visitors influences the seeming, or auditory chaoticness and saturation of the sonic language. Every receiver is assigned one motif from the Laibach collective subconsciousness, while the kinetic energy of the visitor controls the speed and directionality of the playing of this motif. The visitors thus drive the energy flow with their bodies and their movements, contributing to the schizophrenic, or rather the quadrophrenic, mental framing and response of The Cube…

Aleksander Klemenič
Tadej Droljc (intermedia programming and artistic consulting)
Janez Cestnik
Marko Turel
Luka Jamnik (music compostition)
Aleš Dravinec, ADRaudio, electro acoustic element design

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