Sunflower Field: Stay as Long as You Want III

Nina Koželj

Fields are specific, artificially created ecosystems where the dominant characteristics of the species can be observed due to the multiplication of the object (plant). These characteristics are also capable of evolutionary survival. Sunflowers are plants that rotate during the day, thus directing their flower towards the sun as a source of energy. In this way, we can watch the entire field follow its deity. The author also starts from this interpretation in her research. In the work Sunflower field, the man replaces the sun, and the sunflowers in the field are programmed to turn towards him, follow him around the room, thus placing him in the position of a deity. The chosen one. Pursued.

Polje sončnic, or Field of Sunflowers, is a truer-than-reality fiction that draws its ideas from the field of evolutionary behaviorism, a filter focused on the psychological and physical changes that a work of art can trigger in a person. The field of sunflowers is a system, whose design is based on the idea of changing the individual through enlargement, as it places the observer in a fictitious field full of flowers and gives him the power of the sun – and the sun is one of the higher natural deities in human ideology. The project is a direct response to the rise of intolerance and aggression in society and tries to calm these tendencies down. This makes it relevant, as it assumes that the people against whom the entire field of sunflowers is turning become better people; a man who makes a whole field of sunflowers turn towards him is wiser, more mature and more patient.

Special thanks: Mojca and Črt

Co-production RUK/DDT

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