Prikazna: Nika Oblak in Primož Novak -

Tick Tock

Nika Oblak & Primož Novak

The Tick Tock installation, addresses the issues of time and human freedom in a modern world dictated by social networks and the ubiquitous human attachment to technology. The two authors problematize the concept of modern devices and applications, which are supposed to make everyday life easier for the individual, but at the same time, the same individual has less and less time for himself. The installations invite the viewer to consider the pace of life and attachment to technology, which sometimes results in the opposite of the relief it is supposed to provide.

Humans measure time since industrialization. With the introduction of the mechanized production process, time also became the norm of efficiency, and efficiency was closely intertwined with progress. As a paradox in modern societies around the world, we notice that we are increasingly trapped in endless processes.

Special thanks: Simon Gorše, software design.

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