Prikazna: Umrl/a sem na Facebooku

I died on Facebook

MAALEX – Alessia Fallica & Martina Pizzigoni

“I died on Facebook” explores the notion of our virtual selves in an increasingly digital world. The work consists of a game experience set in a cemetery, where digital tombstones bear the names of real deceased people, whose Facebook profiles have been memorialized by their loved ones. 

In the current context of discussions about the metaverse and the potential of immersive digital environments, the artwork prompts us to contemplate the impact of our immaterial selves on our physical lives, making use of the gamification of death to spark debate around the potential consequences of prioritizing our online personalities. As we increasingly shift our activities and interactions online, we must consider the fate of our digital counterparts when we die. Do they exist indefinitely, or do they perish as well?

The dynamic of the installation allows visitors to interact differently depending on whether they experience it on-site or on the Internet, enabling a multi-layered engagement.

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