<unk> machine

Zala Šeško

<unk> machine is an interactive immersive experience, sprouted from a collaboration with a machine learning model. The result of co-creation is a story, presented in 3D form, which enables the viewer to experience at their own tempo. Representing new form of storytelling it simultaneously connects the academic research, which it represents in a more approachable way, with the general public. The story itself presents a machine learning vision of the future of mankind and a reflection of the present time, but in its own unique and often not completely defined way. It thus causes the viewer to question existence on its own. Simultaneously the story is accompanied with various 3D animated scenes, with which the viewer may communicate at leisure, thus adding a new layer to images and words. The name of the project relates to a complex interaction with a machine learning model, which due to its own limited vocabulary designates unknown words as <unk> (unknown token). 

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