Uranium geode

Marjeta Hribar

Marjeta Hribar is an internationally recognized artist and recipient of numerous awards, including the Leonardo da Vinci award and the World best artists prize. She is a designer who represents Slovenia at the Oscar ceremony. She breathed new life into coal and put it back on the world map; with it, she spreads the story of the conservation of nature.

Marjeta Hribar, who works under the KUOLMi brand, created a plastic with which she connected the past with a vision of the future. In the cradle of coal history, the green energy of uranium is awakening. The statue symbolically represents the old energy as a reminder and knowledge not to repeat the same mistakes in the future, and offers its own vision and direction. Both coal and uranium have acquired an aesthetic value in this form, representing the idea in a very simple and original way.

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