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Compressorhead is an animatronic robot band created by Berlin-based artist Frank Barnes and collaborators Markus Kolb, Stock Plum, and John and Rob Wright, formerly of NoMeansNo, as musical directors, songwriters and vocalists.

The six “performers” in the band are all robots made from recycled parts, playing real electric and acoustic instruments and controlled via a MIDI sequencer.[1] The project initially debuted in 2013 with four robots (a guitarist, bassist, drummer and a small drummer’s “assistant”), performing covers of famous rock songs. Two more robots (a vocalist and rhythm guitarist) were added to the group in 2017.

If you’ve ever hung out with a few industrial robots you know they can be a bit boring. Not so this crazy bunch! Instead of welding or bending, these guys are crafting 100% pure punk rock! Their (literally) high voltage stage show is sure to make audiences dance.

They say genius is close to madness. Well, after a good show, these robots will have more than one screw loose!

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