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The research project Kvantni medprostor, or Q- interspace, by the collective BridA/Tom Kerševan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlic, is designed as a multi-layered entry into the dimension of quantum entanglement and thus into possible theoretical consequences and interactions, which include quantum teleportation. From the scientific side, the idea is represented by various theories that never give us a clear idea of the quantum dimension. The fact that there is quantum entanglement and thus the possibility of quantum teleportation has been confirmed and proven by many scientific experiments. What is most intriguing about all this is that this phenomenon still cannot be explained. Science recognizes that existing theories are not enough to understand the entire quantum field and that currently known phenomena have much greater potential than we imagine, and people need more tangible results in order to further our understanding. Science fiction builds a fruitful collection of literary and film adaptations based on teleportation and similar phenomena, which interprets scientific findings as magic or as special effects, which pushes the quantum nature even further into the background.
The purpose of the BridA art collective is to build an in-between space that is difficult to imagine with existing mental patterns. In the form of a research module, it allows artistic ideas to be combined with scientific approaches. The Quantum Interspace research project focuses on quantum entanglement and quantum superposition, which represent the core of current scientific research, such as the quantum computer or extremely fast information transfer. Space and time become variables, and the observer becomes the medium through which quantum theory is implemented.
It is a multimedia spatial installation that acts as a scientific model of quantum entanglement; the moving wall of mirrors creates a ripple, a quantum fluctuation, which allows the visitor a unique experience of the quantum dimension.

Postproduction RUK / DDT

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