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Simona-Daniela Tudose

We are too used to social media networks, beauty standards, prejudices, along with all these influences that affect our lives, behaviour and morality. In the pursuit of our goals, whether we are talking about our careers, love lives or status, didn’t we become blind to the people around us?

If only we could find the hidden, unspoken messages of those episodic characters in our lives wouldn’t we be less ignorant? Or at least be more sympathetic and pay more attention when somebody needs help… Faced with these facts, secrets unveiling before us, we should no longer have any excuse for not acting. Aren’t we becoming less than what we actually aspire to be? 

What if we could actually hear the messages hidden behind the people in our lives? If you knew that the girl sitting next to you in the subway is abused, or the man who served you coffee is dealing with some hardships, or that the teacher who is late for class hides a deep suffering masked by everyday activities, wouldn’t you act, listen, perhaps understand?

Maybe then we could be more supportive, maybe then we wouldn’t be so ignorant anymore.

The project was developed as part of the Speculum Artium / NOVA festival collaboration, with the occasion of NOVA Grow residency program

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